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Why use us?

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ASE Master Certified

since 1979

Lemon eLemonator since 1991

Why use The eLemonators?     ALL WE DO IS USED CAR PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTIONS (Since 1991)

Few inspection services perform all the steps needed to properly diagnose pending problems with todays automobiles. Internal combustion engines are fundamentally the same as they were when automobiles were first mass produced in the early 1900s. Some inspection services rely only on information provided by plug and play gadgets to provide you with virtual information and pay little attention to the rest of the car or you as a customer. We use the latest computerized testing equipment in conjunction with hands on experience. The eLemonator is highly qualified in ALL aspects of todays automobiles and provides you with all the information you need to buy a used car with confidence. Our mobile unit has all of the high tech equipment needed to properly diagnose engine, transmission and computer control problems as well as lifting equipment to examine chassis and under car anomalies such as oil leakage and structural issues. Our customers are welcome and encouraged to be present at the inspection which can be an educational and informative event. We use direct contact and want customers to feel free to call with any questions they may have in regard to their used car purchase. We are happy to provide assistance to you along the way. We are optimistic that the future holds a great deal of promise in terms of safety, economy, cleaner air and peace of mind as they pertain to the caliber of automobiles that travel our roads. 

Used cars are an excellent, economical way to fulfill your transportation needs. With a degree of awareness and caution, some of the pitfalls that exist in the used car market can be avoided. Most sellers are of good intention but they do not always know  the condition of the car they are selling.  it’s unfortunate that a small number of automobile rebuilders and dealers feel the need to stretch the limit of acceptability when preparing used cars for sale. This has led to a less than desirable reputation in this market and many dealers and brokers have suffered its affects needlessly

Dave Bernard, owner / operator of the eLemonators, has an AAS degree in both Automotive Technology and Auto Body Technology, has been ASE Master Certified since 1979, and has been actively employed in both fields from 1974 until 1990 when he started the eLemonators. With experience in all areas of automobile technology, he has brought a much needed service to the forefront of a very troubled market. Many auto dealers hide behind laws intended to protect the consumer. Those same laws in many cases serve the dealer more than the consumer. The auto sales industry has powerful lobbyists that monitor proposed consumer protection legislation and are often instrumental in defeating them. Dave is individually committed and aggressive in the battle for regaining respect for the businesses and individuals involved in used car sales. Promoting awareness about these issues will help tremendously. We believe that educating buyers about these issues can help turn the tide and promote a better marketplace for those wanting to buy used automobiles. You have resources available to you by simply calling the eLemonators before you start your search. Please tell a friend about the information on our web site and how they can help as well by becoming an informed consumer that can walk away from a bad deal. If it was made difficult for used car dealers to dispense unsafe, unreliable or just plain undesirable Lemons, they might think harder about buying auctioned cars they intend to sell. It’s OK to buy a car from a dealer but certainly don’t have a dealer check the car for you. 


eLemonators Used Car Inspections your best choice for high quality service. We do not sell, buy, locate or repair automobiles. We also do not endorse any particular dealership nor do we accept perks of any kind from them. You can be assured of a totally unbiased assessment of the vehicle being tested. Always ask your pre-purchase inspectors if they are affiliated in any way to a dealership or if they sell or repair cars in addition to inspecting them. Car dealers or brokers have a vested interest in selling one of their cars to you instead of the one you want to buy. Repair shops have an interest in selling you their services. The eLemonators only performs pre-purchase inspections!

Choose your inspection service carefully. Check to see what parent or primary company they actually operate under and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A truly unbiased assessment can only be done by someone that does not have ulterior motives.

Benefits of Service

Providing our customers with information that will

      help them avoid a costly mistake

Verifies structural and mechanical integrity 

Valuable free consultation during your used car search

Helpful negotiating power provided by information

      given to you about required repairs and maintenance.

Peace of mind before you drive the car off the lot.


ASE Master Certified since 1979

AAS degree automobile technology

AAS degree auto body technology

Member NATA

Accredited member since 1993

Community volunteer instructor at MHCC & PCC

KXL Radio talk show co-host & fill in for

      Jim Prahl's former AUTO DOCTOR SHOW

Served 13 years on the Portland Swap Meet

      Committee and is a vintage auto specialist

Experience in the automotive field since 1973


Used car pre-purchase inspections

Used car pre-sale inspections

Pre-warranty expiration inspections

      (find out what needs attention)

All services performed ON SITE

Pre-trip inspections,

Keep or sell

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Associates degree in Automotive Technology

ASE Master

ASE Master

Hunter Wheel Alignment Certificate

Nissan/Datsun Electrical Master

Automotive Paint Certificate

Ford Tech / Drivability

Yes, I am a swift water rescue instructor as well  Just in case you want to invite me on a GC trip

ASE Master Certified on going since 1979

“Buy Used Cars With Confidence”

Serving the Portland Vancouver Metro area

Since 1991

Just a few of the many certifications over the years


Dave Bernard, owner of eLemonators Used Car Inspections is one of very few vehicle inspectors in the nation

that has an AAS degree in both Auto Tech and Auto body as well as an ASE Master certification. Dave has years of hands on experience and a thorough knowledge of the mechanical and structural body and frame components of todays sophisticated automobiles. We have over twenty years experience dealing exclusively with problems that exist in the used car market. We use high end computerized equipment to analyze advanced on-board systems and get a close, hands-on look into the areas that plug and play gadgets can’t see. It clearly requires more than simple computer game skills to check todays sophisticated automobiles. You could not make a better choice for a qualified used car inspector. We promise that! “we have been eLemonating cars since 1991”


About ASE L1 performance certification:

It is important to look for this certification when you are having a vehicle tuned at a shop. Technicians with this certification can make adjustments to be sure your car is running as clean as it should be. High performance vehicles are not of interest to us. We would bet they probably don’t interest you either. They do not serve the average driver or our environment well. If a vehicle has been visibly modified, it would be best to look for another. It has likely been through the mill. If the car is running badly when we test it, we will stop the inspection and return only after proper repairs are done. You will not be charged for a full inspection in this case. The performance certification is helpful only to repair vehicles or to change performance curves according to factory technical service bulletins only. The scanners that we use do all the work of locating problem areas but we do not make changes or remove data on the computer. We do not repair vehicles nor do we make modifications to performance. We do not inspect ultra high performance vehicles because it makes little sense to own one anyway. The speed limit in oregon on most highways is 55 MPH not 137. If you want go-fast, get on the race track only and go electric. Check out the video below.