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Please call if you are not sure about the type of car,

price or the location. We will be happy to assist you.

Please use the form below to submit your appointment request

A special note about our sliding price structure for vehicle condition failures:

If the car is within our local service area, we will use our exclusive sliding cost scale. This special discount applies to vehicles that fail to meet the eLemonators standards for safety or reliability if major problems with engine or transmission or structural integrity are discoverable. This must be discoverable before the car is driven or immediately after the test drive is completed. The buyer, or a responsible representative of the buyer must be at the inspection site during the inspection for the sliding price to apply. There is no set price for this special discount but the saving is generally substantial. This discount does not apply with any other discounts and there is no cash value. Please keep in mind that we try to steer you in the right direction before we even schedule an inspection of a vehicle you are interested in. For this to happen, we encourage all of our customers to call us prior to setting up an appointment. We can give you free, valuable guidance during the course of our conversations. We hope you won’t need this discount but sometimes it’s just better to walk away from a Sour Lemon.

Call Dave or Rachel at (503) 771-5341

We no longer use the form we had on this page. We found that it is much better to discuss things about the car you want to inspect prior to you having to pay for an inspection. We would much rather give you advise in person first.

Thank you for choosing the eLemonators

you made the right choice.

Our exclusive On-Site only, sliding price

For inspections in downtown Portland, please call for special arrangements to have us pick up your car at the address below. You must call ahead of time.

NOTE: This is not a drive through inspection and we will not be able to cold start the car.

Please call ahead of time----503-771-5341