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Some bright spots for our future

By Dave Bernard

Owner, eLemonators Used Car Inspections

While fossil fuels are still being used today, many of the volatile areas of the world that syphon oil from the ground for use in the cars we drive today may be helping us more than we think. We are no longer dragging our feet to produce better alternatives to our transportation needs. There are many choices on the horizon that we can make to eliminate the need for non renewable fuels. Our challenge is to make these better choices sooner than later and because of higher fuel prices this is happening at an accelerating rate.

At eLemonators Used Car Inspections, we are implementing many changes to keep pace with the way we fuel our cars in the future. To take an active part in keeping up with these changes has been an educational and eye opening experience. Let’s start with the basic wheeled transportation the bicycle. Developed long before the automobile, it seems to be coming full circle to help us get around and no better place than Portland to witness its rebirth. For those that want to ride a bike but find it difficult because of age or disabilities, they are now producing some very nice electric bikes to help get you back on the saddle. Some of the earliest cars were electric and those too are making a remarkable resurgence. Since range is a factor with most electric cars, we have the help of a company called “Better Place”, based in California with operational recharging stations in Israel and Denmark. These battery exchange / recharge stations are the kingpin to what we hope will change the way we think about plug in electric cars and how far we can drive them.

Other technologies promise new hope for the way we travel. Hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells, pneumatics, solar technologies amongst others all promise 0 emissions and in time will be the standard. eLemonators Used Car Inspections has taken the steps necessary to understand this technology and to get a head start implementing ways to analyze these new vehicles. You can be assured that when the time comes, we will be ready just as we have been over the years keeping up with advances in current automobile on-board computer systems, electronics, emissions standards and other refinements. We are preparing ahead of time for the production of these remarkable new road machines and staying abreast with what we have today.

For now, we have hybrids that have found a middle ground in the use of fuels to propel them. Unfortunately, they still use gasoline, motor oil and engine coolant. If you buy a used one that is older or has high mileage, you stand a chance of paying for an expensive battery pack that will make you wonder if you made a wise choice. All electric and hybrid cars use battery packs so this will be a significant factor to consider when buying a used one. The Nissan Leaf is a full plug-in electric and there are others soon to hit the market. Several Chinese plug-in electric cars have been marketed recently but were a little ahead of their time and never quite caught on. We will also soon see Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles hit the market but they will require a totally different infrastructure than electrics and may lag behind in the availability of ways to be refueled. I believe that when all the dust settles, pnuematic technology will get a closer look.

We will hopefully be the first to use a plug-in electric inspection vehicle once we find one that meets the demands of a service such as ours. Unfortunately, we need more room than an electric or hybrid car has to offer. A hybrid large enough to accommodate all of the equipment necessary to properly test vehicles does not do enough to offset the carbon footprint we leave, nor do they offer the self containment required to operate all of our equipment. We are working on this and plan to have a showcase, 0 emissions inspection vehicle once an appropriate one hits the market. We might even fabricate our own since the technology to do so is available now.

For now, we must do with what is readily available. If you need a big SUV, try to find a diesel. We can’t be expected to throw out the pacifier all at once nor do we need ecoterrorists catching them on fire to make a point. Lets just make sure that it is as efficient as it was intended to be. We can help you make that determination by assessing its condition.

Get involved with helping our planet stay greener by calling us for free consultation about a car you have in mind. Lets make sure it is as clean as it should be.

(503) 771-5341

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